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A Time to Run

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions. When I do, I break them pretty quickly. This year I am not calling them resolutions, I have instead made two commitments that I intend to keep. One has some built-in accountability. The other does not, but it probably should. Beginning with the later, I commit to read the bible in one-year utilizing the YouVersion bible app. I have started and failed this many times. Soon I may write a post on why this year will be different.

Back to the first commitment. This year I am committing to running a half-marathon on April 7th. This in itself is not such a big deal as I have run this same half marathon once before. And not to sound cocky but…I could run one again relatively easily with little training. The difference this time is I am going to train for it. With a group. And I am going to follow a plan and push myself to run it in 1:51. That is roughly an 8:45 minute pace. If I were to run it tomorrow my pace would likely be in the 10:30 to 11:00 range so this is a pretty ambitious goal, um…commitment, for an overweight 40-year-old. The accountability comes in two parts, the first is that I joined a running club at Fleet Feet. The second is that I intend to post my progress on this blog. Even if no one reads my posts, I will know they are out there for anyone to see, and I am banking on the fact that my pride will not let me fail.