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7 Weeks Complete: A Half-Marathon Training Update

Week 6 started well enough. Sunday was rest day and then Monday I began my plan to increase mileage and intensity. I ran 3 miles at 8:11 pace (fast for me). I followed up that run with a pretty intense core / strength work out that included sets of ring rows and push-ups, sit-ups and planks, and pull-ups and windshield wipers. I was fairly satisfied with my level of intensity and the amount of work I put in for what had been a non-run day in the first 5 weeks of training.

Tuesdays are team training days so I showed up at 6PM as usual. I was feeling a little tired and needed a little extra something just to get there that Tuesday. I was beginning to regret Monday’s intensity, but I was there and ready to push through nonetheless. The training plan called for a warm-up of indian runs (I realize this is no longer PC and I am sure somebody somewhere has already come up with a different name) followed by 6 Yasso 800s. These were to be 800 meter repeats at about 7:30 mile pace with a 400 meter jog in between. You can read about what a Yasso 800 is here if you are interested. I managed to get in 5 Yassos and ran/slow jogged a total of 6.3 miles. I left my watch running the entire time and because we stopped a few times my overall pace was pretty slow. In either case it was not good and I went home disgusted with myself for such a poor showing.

Wednesday I struggled to get out of bed and quickly realized my problem, I was sick. I cut myself some slack and took a sick day. Wednesday night through late Thursday I was traveling for work so I didn’t get a work out in on Thursday either. On Friday I felt even sicker. Long story short, I took 8 straight sick days. EIGHT. Really discouraged by how I was feeling, but taking some solace in the fact that I still had several weeks of training to go and maybe I could just get this sickness out of my system. Finally, on Thursday, and still not feeling good, I headed out for a crappy 4 miles. Friday I only managed 30 push-ups. Then Saturday, I pushed through for 10 slow miles with an overall 9:57 minute mile pace. Still upset with myself I decided to put in a few more miles yesterday (Sunday) so I headed out for 2 faster miles and accomplished those miles at an 8:14 mile pace.

As I write this on Monday morning, 34 days before race day, I am still blowing my nose and still a little achy, but I feel like I am back on track. Soon this sickness will be in the past and maybe I will be better from having taken off those 8 days to rest. I also have 14-days to go on my quest to lose 10 pounds through my AdvoCare Slim&Trim 28 plan. I am only down 2.4 pounds as of this morning with a weigh in of 245.3 (still beefy) pounds. I am not too worried though as the sickness greatly effected my weight loss goals. I mostly stuck to my plan, but without exercise those 8 days I actually gained some weight. I tend to feed a cold and allowed myself to over eat and/or eat bad a few times. Now that I am back on track I am fairly confident these stubborn pounds will fall off.

What I’ve learned: Sick happens. Rest when you need to and then pick up where you left off and push forward. My only regret about how I handled this sickness is the over eating I did on a few days and I maybe could have got in some core work and stretching even if I was not able to run. I also figured out that starting my run with a halls cough drop in my mouth really helps clear those nasal passages.

What I will change these next couple weeks: Trying to implement what I had planned before I got sick. Adding an extra running day to increase my mileage. Step up the intensity a little with my core work. More focus on diet. And because of the added intensity, I will pay extra attention to recovery and my sleep habits. I want to stay healthy.

5 Weeks Complete: A Half-Marathon Training Update

So I am through my first 5 weeks of training for my half-marathon and wanted to post a quick update on how the week went, what’s going well, and what needs work. Since there is only one week to cover here I will go day-by-day pretty quickly:

Sunday – Rest Day: The week started with my normal rest day with the family. We all went to church together and out to lunch after, then pretty much relaxed all day. It was a good day.

Monday – Cross-Training: I started with a little warm-up, only a minute or so, and then went into 3 different, I hesitate to call them full, antagonist super-sets, but that was kind of the principle in how I structured them. My cool down was only about 3 minutes and included a little stretching. The “super-sets” went like this:

  • 5 Rounds: 6 Push-ups and 8 Dips on Parallette Bars (sometime I’ll link to a how to build these parellette bars. I really like them.)
  • 3 Rounds: 3 Hang Cleans followed by 3 Push Press as a complex with 135lb. bar
  • 5 Rounds: 20 AbMat Sit-ups and 15 KB Swings with 44lb. Ketttlebell

Tuesday – Team Workout: I met the team at the Fleet Feet Fresno location at 6PM as usual and we ran some hill repeats. I ran the same half-mile, up and down, hill repeat 6 times along with a few other hills on the trail. Overall it was a 5.7 mile run for me at 9:01 pace. I was pretty proud of myself so I recorded the following video immediately after the workout:

This will make a lot more sense if you follow Jocko Willink on Instagram

Wednesday – Rest Day: I took an extra rest day this week. And no, I do not feel one bit of shame about it. I’ve been going really hard (relative to what I was doing before) for over 4 weeks and I wanted to add in some extra rest.

Thursday – Mileage Day: Maybe I was trying to quickly atone for the extra rest day, but I rolled out early and completed 6 miles before 6AM. Last half-mile or so was in the rain. Overall pace was kinda slow at 9:35/mile. Later that morning I put my boots on and walked another 3 miles or so around the WorldAgExpo because farm equipment is kinda my day job.

Friday – Rest Day: This was my regularly scheduled rest day. I worked from home and went to a somewhat sleazy real-estate investment seminar. I will likely write a review on that later.

Saturday – Team Workout: Saturday is my long run day. This week I ran 9 miles at 9:24/mile pace. There were several hills on the trail and it was cold with rain off and on. Last week I said I wanted my long runs to be a little faster, but due to the hills and rain, I was satisfied with this pace for where I am at in my training.

What I learned this week and what I am changing for next week 

I learned that my legs are holding up to the mileage pretty well. While I think the extra rest day was a good move, I am going to take somewhat of an opposite approach this next week. Beginning tomorrow (Monday) I am going to add a 3 mile maintenance run before my cross-training workout. I hit 21.3 miles total for week 5 and my legs feel great. While I don’t want to push too much, I do want to increase my weekly mileage as I try to start getting faster.

I also learned that the weight is not coming off through exercise alone. Starting tomorrow I am getting more serious about my diet. I will be starting the SLIM & TRIM 28 plan from Advocare tomorrow. It is a 28-day plan that includes one meal replacement shake per day, and various supplements that provide primarily energy support and appetite suppressant. While there is some thermogenic fat-burning components to the vitamin supplements it is not intense and healthy eating and healthy levels of exercise are part of the plan. My goal is to lose 10lbs in the 28-days. Trust me, I have enough to lose around the mid-section that 10lbs is not too lofty of a goal. My hope is that running with 10lbs less weight to carry is going to help with both my speed and stamina.

As I have mentioned previously I am an Advocare distributor and I am partial to their products. In addition to the Slim & Trim plan, I ordered a bunch of other stuff including some Rehydrate which is great during long runs and for post-run recovery. The Muscle Gain is for my 20-year-old son. It is a great clean protein which I use occasionally, but I generally just use the meal replacement shakes. I also got a backpack and an extra bag of Spark stick packs for free with my order!

Big Advocare Order arrived on Saturday!