Financial Fitness

I am on a journey with this one. We are all on a journey. Our destination may look different and where we are at on the journey will certainly be different, but it is a journey nonetheless for all of us.

“Having a plan with money doesn’t just help you right now, it also gives you vision and hope for the end goal.” -Dave Ramsey

For me financial fitness means being in a position to use money as a tool rather than to be a slave to it. It means never laying awake at night wondering how I am going to pay a particular bill. More importantly, it means having the ability to be generous with my money. Along with that comes the ability to be generous with my time because sometimes work needs to take a backseat to more important things.

This section of my blog will be used to discuss things I am learning on the journey. Here you will find links to tools and resources that I have found helpful. Full Disclosure: Many of the links will be affiliate links as this blog is an effort towards my goals of long-term financial fitness. I promise that there will be no affiliate links to products I have not personally used, benefited from, or otherwise have it on good authority that they are worth your consideration.