Fit2Hustle…? Why?

Depending on who you ask, the word hustle may carry either a positive or a negative connotation. describes it in verb form as “to proceed or work rapidly or energetically.” I’d chalk that one up as a positive. However, the next three definitions are increasingly negative: “to push or force one’s way: jostle or shove;” “to be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings;” and “to earn one’s living by illicit or unethical means.”  Yet, those negative connotations aside, I believe most see the word hustle and think “working hard,” “putting forth max effort,” and “getting things done.” That is how I view it for the most part.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

– Abraham Lincoln

So why Fit2hustle? Or rather Fit-to-hustle?

Hustle is somewhat of a buzzword thrown around by many social media influencers, business gurus, and motivational speakers. Think Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, and Tony Robbins to name a few, and I would even add one of my favorites, Jon Acuff. So while I “embrace the hustle,” I have found that when I have “hustled” in the past, my hustle has often, and rather quickly at that, turned to burn-out and exhaustion. This occurs for one or both of two reasons. The primary reason being that I was likely pursuing my plans and not God’s plans. The other reason I experience burn-out though is simply that I am not taking time to plan and prepare myself to be Fit to Hustle. This can occur even if I am pursuing a plan or purpose that I believe aligns perfectly with God’s will for me. We all get tired. We all need encouragement and wisdom from others. We all need to take care of ourselves physically and emotionally. And sometimes, we just need to step back and see if we are hustling for things that matter.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

-Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

Hustle for what matters most

I want to hustle for things that matter. My family, my friends, my church, my business, my community, my neighbors next door and on the other side of the world, and God’s creation. If I am honest I want to hustle simply so I can spend more time at my family’s favorite place (pictured above). I could be more specific, and I may do just that in future posts. Really what matters to me though, is likely the same things that matter to you. I just want to ensure that my hustle is balanced. That I am not hustling in business at the expense of my family for example. To ensure I keep a proper balance in my hustle I need to be fit. In this blog I will post ideas about financial, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fitness. I will log my personal progress in these areas; while possibly heading off on a few tangents. I may confess a personal short-coming or ten along the way as well. When appropriate I will link to resources and tools that may be beneficial to you because they have been beneficial to me. I will strive to keep my posts concise and informative. I hope you will find something here that will help you become increasingly more Fit-to-Hustle.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless your hustle!

7 Weeks Complete: A Half-Marathon Training Update

Week 6 started well enough. Sunday was rest day and then Monday I began my plan to increase mileage and intensity. I ran 3 miles at 8:11 pace (fast for me). I followed up that run with a pretty intense core / strength work out that included sets of ring rows and push-ups, sit-ups and planks, and pull-ups and windshield wipers. I was fairly satisfied with my level of intensity and the amount of work I put in for what had been a non-run day in the first 5 weeks of training.

Tuesdays are team training days so I showed up at 6PM as usual. I was feeling a little tired and needed a little extra something just to get there that Tuesday. I was beginning to regret Monday’s intensity, but I was there and ready to push through nonetheless. The training plan called for a warm-up of indian runs (I realize this is no longer PC and I am sure somebody somewhere has already come up with a different name) followed by 6 Yasso 800s. These were to be 800 meter repeats at about 7:30 mile pace with a 400 meter jog in between. You can read about what a Yasso 800 is here if you are interested. I managed to get in 5 Yassos and ran/slow jogged a total of 6.3 miles. I left my watch running the entire time and because we stopped a few times my overall pace was pretty slow. In either case it was not good and I went home disgusted with myself for such a poor showing.

Wednesday I struggled to get out of bed and quickly realized my problem, I was sick. I cut myself some slack and took a sick day. Wednesday night through late Thursday I was traveling for work so I didn’t get a work out in on Thursday either. On Friday I felt even sicker. Long story short, I took 8 straight sick days. EIGHT. Really discouraged by how I was feeling, but taking some solace in the fact that I still had several weeks of training to go and maybe I could just get this sickness out of my system. Finally, on Thursday, and still not feeling good, I headed out for a crappy 4 miles. Friday I only managed 30 push-ups. Then Saturday, I pushed through for 10 slow miles with an overall 9:57 minute mile pace. Still upset with myself I decided to put in a few more miles yesterday (Sunday) so I headed out for 2 faster miles and accomplished those miles at an 8:14 mile pace.

As I write this on Monday morning, 34 days before race day, I am still blowing my nose and still a little achy, but I feel like I am back on track. Soon this sickness will be in the past and maybe I will be better from having taken off those 8 days to rest. I also have 14-days to go on my quest to lose 10 pounds through my AdvoCare Slim&Trim 28 plan. I am only down 2.4 pounds as of this morning with a weigh in of 245.3 (still beefy) pounds. I am not too worried though as the sickness greatly effected my weight loss goals. I mostly stuck to my plan, but without exercise those 8 days I actually gained some weight. I tend to feed a cold and allowed myself to over eat and/or eat bad a few times. Now that I am back on track I am fairly confident these stubborn pounds will fall off.

What I’ve learned: Sick happens. Rest when you need to and then pick up where you left off and push forward. My only regret about how I handled this sickness is the over eating I did on a few days and I maybe could have got in some core work and stretching even if I was not able to run. I also figured out that starting my run with a halls cough drop in my mouth really helps clear those nasal passages.

What I will change these next couple weeks: Trying to implement what I had planned before I got sick. Adding an extra running day to increase my mileage. Step up the intensity a little with my core work. More focus on diet. And because of the added intensity, I will pay extra attention to recovery and my sleep habits. I want to stay healthy.

DAY 50: It is the 50th day of 2019; how are you doing so far?

There is absolutely zero significance to day 50 other than it is a nice round number. Also saying we are 13.7% of the way through 2019 did not have the same ring as 50. So whether you like 13.7% in or 50 days in, I thought it would be a good time to take a little inventory of 2019 to date. To see how I have progressed with my goals. To ask where I am seeing growth. To see where I need more focus for the next several weeks. And then, to ask you to do the same.

I am going to start with you my friend, that way if you need to quit reading to take some personal inventory or to do some soul-searching, you can skip the part where I talk about myself.

What FITNESS goals did you set for yourself in the following areas?
  • Financial: did you plan to save more, give more, get out of debt, make more money, start a new business, or…?
  • Physical: did you have a goal of losing weight, running more, going to the gym more, eating better, or…?
  • Emotional: did you resolve to have more patience, forgive someone who has hurt you, end a toxic relationship, deepen a healthy relationship, take more time for your own mental health, or…?
  • Mental: do you have a lengthy reading list, were you planning to learn a new skill, maybe learn a language, write more, read more, or…?
  • Spiritual: did you plan to regularly attend your church (or attend a church for the first time), read your Bible, join a study or life group, pray more, meditate, or…?

WAIT: don’t leave yet. Read this next section at least

The way I see it there are 4 possible answers to these questions, whether considered as a whole or individually.

  1. “I never set goals/resolutions to begin with.”
  2. “I am failing at some or all of these and feel pretty crappy about it, thanks for reminding me you jerk!”
  3. “I have mixed results, I am doing good in some, fair in others, and poorly in a few.”
  4. “I am the most awesome person in the world and I am totally crushing everything I set out to do this year.”
Let me attempt to address each of these one at a time:

Answer #1: No Goals – No area of our life is static, we are always either progressing or regressing. If you didn’t make any goals/plans for 2019 I’d ask you to revisit my above list and consider setting one goal in each of at least 3 areas of fitness. I heard Tim Ferriss say that he likes to have goals or projects he is working on that span a few different time horizons and different areas and one of those areas is always related to physical fitness. This way, he continues, he is likely to be progressing in at least one area so he is not discouraged if other areas are not going well.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

Napoleon Hill

Answer #2: You Feel Like (or know for sure that) You Are Failing – This can be painful and discouraging. First, you must assess why. Have you experienced some trauma or are you in the midst of a dark and difficult time and just surviving is all you are able to do? Or is it something less dramatic than that, and you either lack motivation or possibly your goals were a little too big?

If it is the first scenario, trauma or an otherwise dark time has you in survival mode, then give yourself a break. This blog post is likely going to fall well short of what you need right now, but I am here to tell you that there will be other days for goal-setting and goal-crushing. What is most important is getting you to a healthy spot where you can breath, and rest, and think clearly. I have been in a spot (more than once) where I did not have the luxury of goal-setting because I was in survival mode. You likely need others more than ever during this time.

“When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”

-Corrie Ten Boom

Pray, read your Bible, cry out to God (He is the engineer). But don’t do this alone. Reach out to a trusted friend, mentor, or pastor. If you don’t feel like you have one of these, it may take all the strength you have left to find one. Go to a church and start asking for help, tell someone you want to talk to someone, anyone, just don’t suffer in silence.

If your situation is less dramatic, then just revisit your goals. Maybe they need some tweaking. Do a google search on SMART goals to help guide you. Talk to a friend and ask for some feedback and accountability moving forward. Lastly, give yourself a break too. The best time to start on most goals was last year, but the second best time is today.

“But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

-Lamentations 3:21-23 (English Standard Version)

Answer #3: Your Results Are Mixed – Congratulations! You are making progress. Take a minute to enjoy your victories. Then a minute to consider your shortcomings. Adjust goals if necessary. Then keep moving forward.

Answer #4: You Are Crushing Everything – It is likely that your goals were too small or you are delusional. IF, however; you are being totally honest and you’ve just had a great start to 2019, then, outstanding, I am happy for you. Now go and help someone else because it is likely that you know others not doing as well as you. And do it without judgement but with kindness, compassion, and the humility in knowing either you were once where they are now or you could be there if not for God’s graciousness that you are now enjoying.

How Am I Doing?

Well, this got long didn’t it? If you are still reading, thanks for sticking with me. I’ll try to make this part short as it is mostly for my own accountability rather than really being that informative to anyone.

Financial: I am trying to run my business by the Profit First principles and I am doing so-so. I am a little behind now and have had to borrow business dollars for personal use. I have not been as generous as I want to be and I have not been able to pay down additional debt. The one success is that I have continued to pay at least the minimums on consumer debts and paid off one small medical bill so there has been some progress.

Physical: My half-marathon training has been going great, so success there. Weight-loss has not been happening though. I just began the Advocare Slim & Trim 28 plan yesterday to address weight loss specifically. Pull-up progression has been a fail thus far. I can still do just one strict pull-up on a great day. Zero on most days.

Emotional: This one is tough to measure. My special needs daughter requires a lot of patience. There have been days when I have done pretty well and days when I have lost it a little. Mostly, I think I am trending towards improvement and my physical and spiritual health are closely related. The running is important to my self-care as is time in God’s word.

Mental: I am bumbling along with this blog which was one of my goals. I have been listening to lots of podcasts and audio books which is good, but I have not been doing much by the way of active reading (pencil in hand reading). I also have neglected one major project that I wanted to undertake to improve my business. This is something that will take deliberate practice in learning a CRM application.

Spiritual: I am 50 for 50 on my daily Bible reading plan. While this is good and easy to measure it is not the best barometer at measuring where my heart is. My prayer time has been inconsistent at best and while I am reading God’s word daily I am not really studying it. I want to add a day where I do a more in-depth study. Just one day a week. I also want to add in some scripture memorization. Something that may help me with that required patience in the emotional fitness area.

If you stuck through to the end, THANK YOU, and please take a moment to comment. I would love to hear from you. What is one area of success and one area of needed improvement for you?

5 Weeks Complete: A Half-Marathon Training Update

So I am through my first 5 weeks of training for my half-marathon and wanted to post a quick update on how the week went, what’s going well, and what needs work. Since there is only one week to cover here I will go day-by-day pretty quickly:

Sunday – Rest Day: The week started with my normal rest day with the family. We all went to church together and out to lunch after, then pretty much relaxed all day. It was a good day.

Monday – Cross-Training: I started with a little warm-up, only a minute or so, and then went into 3 different, I hesitate to call them full, antagonist super-sets, but that was kind of the principle in how I structured them. My cool down was only about 3 minutes and included a little stretching. The “super-sets” went like this:

  • 5 Rounds: 6 Push-ups and 8 Dips on Parallette Bars (sometime I’ll link to a how to build these parellette bars. I really like them.)
  • 3 Rounds: 3 Hang Cleans followed by 3 Push Press as a complex with 135lb. bar
  • 5 Rounds: 20 AbMat Sit-ups and 15 KB Swings with 44lb. Ketttlebell

Tuesday – Team Workout: I met the team at the Fleet Feet Fresno location at 6PM as usual and we ran some hill repeats. I ran the same half-mile, up and down, hill repeat 6 times along with a few other hills on the trail. Overall it was a 5.7 mile run for me at 9:01 pace. I was pretty proud of myself so I recorded the following video immediately after the workout:

This will make a lot more sense if you follow Jocko Willink on Instagram

Wednesday – Rest Day: I took an extra rest day this week. And no, I do not feel one bit of shame about it. I’ve been going really hard (relative to what I was doing before) for over 4 weeks and I wanted to add in some extra rest.

Thursday – Mileage Day: Maybe I was trying to quickly atone for the extra rest day, but I rolled out early and completed 6 miles before 6AM. Last half-mile or so was in the rain. Overall pace was kinda slow at 9:35/mile. Later that morning I put my boots on and walked another 3 miles or so around the WorldAgExpo because farm equipment is kinda my day job.

Friday – Rest Day: This was my regularly scheduled rest day. I worked from home and went to a somewhat sleazy real-estate investment seminar. I will likely write a review on that later.

Saturday – Team Workout: Saturday is my long run day. This week I ran 9 miles at 9:24/mile pace. There were several hills on the trail and it was cold with rain off and on. Last week I said I wanted my long runs to be a little faster, but due to the hills and rain, I was satisfied with this pace for where I am at in my training.

What I learned this week and what I am changing for next week 

I learned that my legs are holding up to the mileage pretty well. While I think the extra rest day was a good move, I am going to take somewhat of an opposite approach this next week. Beginning tomorrow (Monday) I am going to add a 3 mile maintenance run before my cross-training workout. I hit 21.3 miles total for week 5 and my legs feel great. While I don’t want to push too much, I do want to increase my weekly mileage as I try to start getting faster.

I also learned that the weight is not coming off through exercise alone. Starting tomorrow I am getting more serious about my diet. I will be starting the SLIM & TRIM 28 plan from Advocare tomorrow. It is a 28-day plan that includes one meal replacement shake per day, and various supplements that provide primarily energy support and appetite suppressant. While there is some thermogenic fat-burning components to the vitamin supplements it is not intense and healthy eating and healthy levels of exercise are part of the plan. My goal is to lose 10lbs in the 28-days. Trust me, I have enough to lose around the mid-section that 10lbs is not too lofty of a goal. My hope is that running with 10lbs less weight to carry is going to help with both my speed and stamina.

As I have mentioned previously I am an Advocare distributor and I am partial to their products. In addition to the Slim & Trim plan, I ordered a bunch of other stuff including some Rehydrate which is great during long runs and for post-run recovery. The Muscle Gain is for my 20-year-old son. It is a great clean protein which I use occasionally, but I generally just use the meal replacement shakes. I also got a backpack and an extra bag of Spark stick packs for free with my order!

Big Advocare Order arrived on Saturday!

So Good They Can’t Ignore You, by Cal Newport, A Book Review

Tagline: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for the Work You Love

This book was published in late 2012 and somehow I just discovered it a few months back. Actually it was recommended on a BiggerPockets Podcast, I am not sure which episode. Brandon Turner over there at BP has some pretty awesome book recommendations. So anyways, if you are like me and did not give it a read when it first came out, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy and dive in.

Without spoiling the book for you, here is a very concise review and a few takeaways I got from reading (well, actually listening to) the book:

Okay so one quick spoiler right off, the title of the book came from a quote by Steve Martin in a 2007 interview he did with Charlie Rose. The context, as the author explains, is that Martin often gets asked how do you make it in show business or in stand-up comedy. Usually the one asking the question is looking for the secret to finding the right agent or booking the right gigs. Martin says his response often disappoints but, he tells them the secret is to “be so good they can’t ignore you.” As you might imagine this quote resonated with Cal Newport so much so that he borrowed the quote for the title of his book.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

-Steve Martin

Cal Newport is a professor of computer science at Georgetown University, he has written 6 books, and blogs on his personal blog at He is somewhat of a genius I think. He wrote this book as a retelling of the research and soul-searching he was doing personally when he was making the transition from graduate school to his career. He discovered a problem with the “do what you love” and “find out what you are passionate about” advice that is so often given to young people. In fact, through his research he found that passion is rare and it is often dangerous. Chasing passion often leads to being unhappy and dissatisfied; the exact things that the passionate work pursuer was trying to avoid.

Instead of chasing passion, Newport urges readers to learn to love what they do by acquiring autonomy, competence, and relatedness in your field. In the next section he talks about adopting the Craftsman Mind-Set. This is probably my favorite part of the book. He interviews a musician that is a true craftsman and while he talks about the 10,000 hour rule made famous by Malcolm Gladwell, he clarifies it a little bit by focusing on the idea of deliberate practice.

From the craftsman mind-set he moves on to introduce the idea of building Career Capital by developing rare and valuable skills. Another concept, or phenomenon, he introduces is called the Adjacent Possible. This is an interesting read as it recounts various discoveries that were made after something else was discovered. When you are on the cutting edge in a given field all the discoveries that are waiting to be made lie in the adjacent possible. Lastly, Newport hypothesizes that finding success in a mission requires making bold bets and standing out from the crowd, like a purple cow.

Admittedly this was a bumbling review, but I hope you see some value in the book and will consider picking up a copy. Some of the stories of individual struggles and successes were inspiring and worth the read alone. Personally, I let Audible read it to me. I already have his next book, Deep Work queued up in Audible and may consider his most recent book, Digital Minimalism at some point in the near future.

Books mentioned here:

4 Weeks Complete: A Half-Marathon Training Update

I have been negligent in providing updates on my training. Part of the reason is I have been a little busier than usual with my day job and part of it is because I am not satisfied with the appearance of my little site here and have been spending some time trying to learn how and where to make improvements. Hopefully I will start implementing those soon, but since that could be awhile it is time for an update of my first four weeks of training.

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

The above quote works for both my moderate frustration with my running pace and my dissatisfaction with my website appearance. I will get there though on both accounts and there are actually a few things with my running that I am quite pleased with. For one thing, I have always been a fair-weather runner. Staying committed to this running club and the ultimate goal of a sub 1:51 half-marathon has had me running on dark cold nights and on rainy days. Thankfully no dark, cold, rainy nights yet. Though that is forecast for this Tuesday.

Here is a brief rundown of my training to date. The running club I joined at Fleet Fresno held our kickoff / informational meeting on Tuesday, January 15th. The weekly schedule that is strongly encouraged for those of us training for the April 7th half-marathon is to meet Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings for community runs/training. There is also an optional meeting on Thursday or you can run on your own. I have chosen to run with the group on Tuesdays and Saturdays and on my own on Thursdays. As per the training plan I do cross-training on Mondays and Wednesdays and I take Fridays and Sundays as rest days.

Here is what my running days have looked like:

I am pretty happy with the fact that I have been pain free thus far and I have fairly consistently added distance. I would like to get that mile time a little faster but, that was actually after an hour and a half of core work and playing relay games and a fair amount of warm-up jogging with the team. I would also like to get under 9 minutes consistently so I am happy with that 4.6 miles at 8:24 pace.

My cross training days have included some rowing on my Concept 2 rowing machine, stretching, core work, weight lifting, and some body-weight work.

Here is a typical day:

I think kettle bell swings and abMat sit-ups are great cross training for running. I also like to alternate sit-ups with dead lifts, though I focus on more reps and less weight for the DLs. As a side note, I am trying to get to where I can crank out a few pull-ups. Right now, on a good day, I can get one strict pull-up in. Pull-ups are hard for a tall, over-weight guy, (6’4″ 246ish) and I am trying to work on the over-weight part.

What I have learned in 4 weeks:

  1. Running only 3 days a week may not allow me to add mileage and increase speed as quickly as I would like.
  2. BUT…running only 3 days a week is good for injury prevention.
  3. Running in the dark or in the rain builds character and sure makes you appreciate a beautiful California day for a run.
  4. Being a part of a running community is good for accountability and generally makes training more fun.

What is my focus / goals over the next 4 weeks:

  1. Add 1 mile/week to long runs and get closer to 9:00 pace on long runs and 8:30 on shorter runs.
  2. To add speed and remain injury free focus on these 3 areas:
    1. More Core Strength Work
    2. More Stretching and Mobility Work
    3. Limit Sugars and Loose 5 Pounds

Side Hustle: How I make a little extra money on the side; successes, failures, and lessons learned

Over the years I have tried several different ways of making a little extra money outside of my day job. This is called a Side Hustle and it is quite a popular term used in the last decade or so. I guess the side hustle has always been a thing, but the advent of the internet has really made it an accessible option for many and the ways in which you can start a side hustle are practically endless. The internet is full of “ideas” on how to start a side hustle and pros and cons of various options. A quick internet search for “side hustle” churned out 75,100,000 results with the following as some of the top results:

  • 99 Side Hustle Business Ideas You Can Start Today
  • Side Hustle Nation: Make Money in Your Spare Time – Part-Time
  • 50 Ideas for a Lucrative Side Hustle
  • 10 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Make an Extra $1000 a Month
  • Epic List of Side Hustle Ideas
  • Side Hustle Ideas: 176 Ways to Earn Money Right Now

A similar search on Amazon will load, coincidentally, at last count, 751 books on the subject of side hustle. Some of the top results are:

Full disclosure: I have not read any of the above books nor have I clicked through to any of the above search results. I have, however, researched other money making ideas and schemes over the years and have nominal levels of success and failure. As long as we are being honest, this blog is one way that I hope to eventually make some additional money. I am not naive to think that I can throw a few posts up here, add some links, and watch the money roll in. I know that I will need to provide valuable content, lots of it, and also learn best SEO practices, social media marketing and all kinds of other stuff if I hope to even see $100 in the first year.

Besides this blog, here are some ways that I have either tried in the past or am currently making money with:

  • Auctions: Buying clearance or open-box items in bulk at a local auction house and reselling on websites like Craigslist, ebay, Amazon, and OfferUp.
    • Success 1: Recently I bought an open box kitchen table for $75, brought it home, assembled it, and sold it on Craigslist two days later for $200. Total Profit = $125
    • Success 2: A few years ago I bought 36 Honeywell programmable thermostats for about $2 each. I sold them on Amazon for an average of about $18 each. Total Profit = $500
    • Failure 1: I recenlty purchased 4 cases of construction sealer for approximately $68. After a couple weeks and almost zero interest I sold them for $35. Total Loss = $33
    • There are many more successes than failures, but my profit for the amount of work I have put in has been quite pathetic. I do plan to continue buying and selling though because it is fun.
  • Thrift Store / Garage Sale Flipping: Similar to the above process, I have bought a few things at thrift stores and garage/yard sales and turned around and flipped them for a profit. I have not done this too often but, I have one notable success. I purchased a vintage water ski at Goodwill for $6 and sold it through Craigslist within a week for $80.
  • Day Trading: This one is dangerous and it comes with the disclaimer that it is only advisable for someone who can afford to lose 100% of their investment. I have had varying levels of success doing this through Robinhood. As of the writing of this post I have zero dollars in the stock market. That is not advice as to whether or not you should be in the stock market it is just where I am at as of this writing. I still have credit card debt that I need to deal with and I have no business playing stock broker when I should be using every available resource to attack my debt. I suspect that I will be back in the stock market eventually, but more likely not day trading. I will be looking for long-term holds of index funds and high-dividend stocks.
  • Multi-Level Marketing: A long time ago I got signed up for a multi-level marketing company for internet and long-distance calling. This was early in the dial-up internet days. As I recall I did not spend much on this, less than $50. I put zero effort into it and got $0 out of it. Lesson learned.
    • Fast forward to today and I am currently a distributor for ADVOCARE, which I believe to be a very reputable company. I really like and use their products personally…but I have not actively pursued making a single omission through them as I mostly signed up as a distributor to get a discount on my personal purchases. That said, some folks make pretty healthy amounts of money through them and I may ramp up (or actually start) my efforts with them
  • Consignment Selling: I fancy myself as being pretty good at creating on-line listings and talking to potential buyers. I actually enjoy it. There are many people who do not want to deal with the hassle of fielding calls and do not have the technical savvy to list their items for sale. If I come across a situation like this I may offer to go 50-50 on my selling services.
    • I have one notable success in taking on a consignment. I recently came across two old Honda CT110 trail bikes on a farm property. After inquiring of the owner whether he would like to sell them or not he said he had no idea what they were worth and had just been sitting there for years. Long story short, I loaded them up in my pickup, listed them on Craigslist, and sold them a week later for $500. I kept $250 for my services and sent the original owner the other $250. Everyone was happy.

So those are the 5 key ways that I have made some extra money, side hustling if you will. This blog is an attempt at a sixth way and here are a few more that I have not tried:

  • Offer your services on sites like fiverr and upwork
  • Write an ebook
  • Create an online class for something you are an expert in
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Build an App
  • Start and Etsy Site
  • Use a drop-shipper and open an online store
  • Drive for Lyft or Uber
  • Airbnb a room in your house
  • Affiliate Marketing / Sponsored Posts through social media

These are just a few of the myriad ideas out there. And if you have a little money to invest you have a slew of more options, but will safe that for another post as this post is about hustling.

Eventually I may make a video or two. For now here is a decent video of a couple that gives a brief summary of 16 ways that they actually made money. Some of their ideas are good and seem to be fairly practical. Other ideas maybe not so much.

A Time to Run

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions. When I do, I break them pretty quickly. This year I am not calling them resolutions, I have instead made two commitments that I intend to keep. One has some built-in accountability. The other does not, but it probably should. Beginning with the later, I commit to read the bible in one-year utilizing the YouVersion bible app. I have started and failed this many times. Soon I may write a post on why this year will be different.

Back to the first commitment. This year I am committing to running a half-marathon on April 7th. This in itself is not such a big deal as I have run this same half marathon once before. And not to sound cocky but…I could run one again relatively easily with little training. The difference this time is I am going to train for it. With a group. And I am going to follow a plan and push myself to run it in 1:51. That is roughly an 8:45 minute pace. If I were to run it tomorrow my pace would likely be in the 10:30 to 11:00 range so this is a pretty ambitious goal, um…commitment, for an overweight 40-year-old. The accountability comes in two parts, the first is that I joined a running club at Fleet Feet. The second is that I intend to post my progress on this blog. Even if no one reads my posts, I will know they are out there for anyone to see, and I am banking on the fact that my pride will not let me fail.